Often, IT based processes, products, delivery channels fail not only because a proper BPR exercise has not been conducted but also because the technology, service, product or infrastructure being made use of are not the appropriate ones suited for the purpose or the related work-flows identified are not in sync with the purpose.


This would mean that a prior exercise is very much required to ascertain the suitability of a technical infrastructure in a target environment from the perspective of suitability, appropriateness, scalability, redundancy, robustness, user-friendliness, speed of operations and so on.


Plaudit can undertake exercises to analyse and find out the appropriateness of a IT based products, services, delivery channels, applications etc. in a target segment so that the basic purpose of launching the same is not defeated for want of a proper insight / study on this aspect.

Ongoing Support

Appropriate reviews can be undertaken whenever a new initiative is planned and the assignment can be on an ongoing basis.