The ever increasing threats and risks looming large over the technology-dependent business, necessitates that information security be accorded the highest of priorities in the day to day operational environment. Information Security shall not be seen in isolation any more but has to be perceived, evolved, designed, implemented, sustained and constantly upgraded commensurate with the changing times. It is in this context, a well-defined security strategy and roadmap is essential to impart the desired foresight, focus and direction in realizing the immense importance information security deserves and imparting the desired momentum and more importantly, ushering in a serious corporate concern for information security.


Information Security having transformed more into a business and operational strategy from mere services, products, delivery channel technologies, Plaudit can help evolve a Security Strategy and roadmap service of a purely advisory nature that helps to identify and develop information security strategies that are suitable for the organization. The ultimate goal of this service is to achieve information assurance by means of realistic and latest security practices and planning.

Plaudit will undertake a nalysis of the information security needs, gathering the relevant data, mapping the requirements and business processes with the best practices and technologies to usher in an idealistic environment.


The knowledge-oriented management service focusing on security strategies and roadmap shall help organizations in effective implementation and practice of information security processes and technologies.

Organisations will thus be able to remain uptodate with global information risk situation and security practices. Further, the assignment will also facilitate effective implementation and practice of security processes, technologies and help maximise return on investment in security.

Ongoing Support

Plaudit can assist in further improvements by carrying out periodic assessment of organizational security situation commensurate and comparable with global practices and best standards.