Organisations and their business are currently strongly dependent on Technology induction not only for conduct of day to day operations but also to thrive on a vastly competitive market regime and also to expand both vertically and horizontally. It is imperative in a vastly dynamic and complex technology environment that the information security architecture of an organization needs to extremely robust as well as flexible and seamless enough to cater to innovation, expansion and diversification.

Technology induction without ensuring safe and sound operations makes no sense. Technology and the information it handles needs to be reliable in all respects and in this direction, a proper information security architecture is absolutely essential to set the ball rolling.

Information security largely depends upon various security products, processes and best practices being adequately implemented which will lead to a safe computing environment.


Plaudit can help organizations to evolve, design and develop security architecture to ensure a robust and effective information system and networked security domain thereby ensuring effective implementation and safe and reliable usage of technology in operations. The focus, obviously, would be on review and design of an organization's IT architecture from a security perspective without letting down on the business needs.

Technological advancement has also introduced new and complex threats to the business apart from the traditional ones which cause greater havoc than the traditional threats. Plaudit can help in conducting a detailed study of business needs, computing infrastructure environment and related components and come up with a detailed report on the security lacunae and loopholes and the ways and means to mitigate them.


Plaudit will come out with a blue print of an information security architecture which will be robust, redundant and secure. The architecture can focus on a layered defense in depth or a first line of defense depending upon the criticality of the infrastructure studied and the scope.

Ongoing Support

Plaudit can provide a periodic, updated and manageable security architecture for addressing the requirements of the information security domain.