It is a big challenge these days to totally sanitise the way software development lifecycles address information Security. This continuous concern has not diminished the vulnerabilities in any way despite security controls, automated security tools, penetration testing etc. The biggest challenges are to minimize the bugs, mistakes, errors in development and the need of the hour, therefore, is a holistic application security framework which helps clients develop effective security for their application portfolio.


Plaudit can help organizations identify and protect application data by building a security framework, security design patterns and development of respective secure controls within the application. The proper requirement specifications translating into effective design strategies and development of secure software for the organization.

Plaudit can help to deploy a comprehensive Secure development framework across applications in the organization synchronized with the security frameworks protecting the application and data from malicious attempts.

We can also help to develop and deploy appropriate security controls and technologies and also provide project management and technical implementation skills to effectively implement without violating any compliance requirement that the software should adhere.


Plaudit can also help to dove tail and optimize technology implementation with the least scope of security threats and exposures and providing ongoing support and secure remediation to fix the emerging threats.