Plaudit can undertake Risk assessment process to ensure that organizational controls are properly implemented to address every risk. We at Plaudit can provide a comprehensive Risk assessment service associated with risks in operations and business towards managing security in a more practical and appropriate manner.


In a typical computerized environment comprising of various technical and related components, vulnerabilities of various types and magnitude could exist which if exploited could have far-reaching impact on the business operations in various ways. Assessment of vulnerabilities, thus goes a long way in minimizing the threats and mitigating the risks to the technology-based environment. Widespread developments in the information technology domain have also introduced new risks relating to confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability for organisations. The risks to the business having increased immensely, risk analysis facilitates to identify the risks, miitigate the threats and vulnerabilities which causes the risk.

The exercise would facilitate in identification and quantification of risks to the business and operations, maximisation of return on security investment, early detection and mitigation of risks and prioritization of activities and resources. Plaudit can help organisations to derive the benefit of an appropriate risk assessment methodology, determine the likelihood of occurrence of incidents using the approved methodology, determine acceptable risk, suggest / implement controls and countermeasures, develop risk management plan, manage risk mitigation activities, undertake re-evaluation of risk after mitigation or management etc.


Plaudit can provide organisations with a Critical asset register which will consist of asset classification criteria and valuation matrix. A Vulnerability and Threat Assessment Report which is a detailed report on vulnerabilities and threats detected and a Risk Assessment Report which is a detailed risk assessment report projecting risk to information assets will also be provided.

Ongoing Support

Plaudit can provide recommendations on mitigation and make available a workable schedule.