The implementation of best practices and standards in information security facilitate organizations in streamlining their internal processes and technologies. The whole idea is to focus on safeguarding organizational assets, continuity of operations, operational efficiency and consequently the overall business acumen.


Plaudit will ensure that the gaps and weaknesses in the ongoing processes, technical configurations and operations are well identified and acted upon in a timely manner. The organization can achieve the goal of achieving comprehensive information security preparedness easily by following the applicable standards and best practices. By conducting Information Security and Technical Audits it can be ensured that an organization is immune to various known threats and vulnerabilities as these audits are conducted by taking various standards and best practices as benchmarks.


The typical benefits accruing to an organization as a result of Audits are a dherence to various standards and improvement in internal processes and technology implementations. A detailed report on the vulnerabilities identified and impact on the systems and organization will be the end-deliverable.