One of the hallmark features of organizational business these days, is extensive induction of Technology for the conduct of their day to day operations. Technology induction has empowered organizations to be extremely competitive and to also seamlessly expand both vertically and horizontally. Technology and the information it handles needs to be reliable in all respects and in this direction, suitable information security architecture is absolutely essential to set the ball rolling. Information security also largely depends upon the various security products, processes and best practices being implemented and augmented appropriately ushering in a safe and secure computing environment. Plaudit can help organizations to develop an information security architecture which is robust as well as flexible and seamless enough to cater to innovation, expansion and diversification, in sync with the dynamic and complex technology environment.

The complexity, pervasiveness and the inherent virtual nature of technology based operations have also brought along risks, threats, vulnerabilities, hitherto, unparalleled. The ever-increasing risks to information-dependent businesses have transformed information security into more of a day to day business practice rather than mere products, services and technologies thereby highlighting the need for clearly defined Information Technology and Information Security policies, practices, processes and guidelines to be put in place so as to serve as the guiding best practices towards ensuring a safe and secure technology-based computing environment. Plaudit can help organizations to develop information security related policies, plans, guidelines etc. and to translate these evolving into safe and secure practices and systems in place.

It is a big challenge these days to totally sanitise and secure the way software development lifecycles address information security. This continuous concern has not diminished the vulnerabilities in any way despite various security controls, automated security tools, penetration testing etc. being adopted and implemented. The biggest challenges are to minimize the bugs, mistakes, errors in development. Plaudit can help to develop a holistic application security framework which will help clients to develop effective security for their application portfolio.

Information Security Management System [ISMS] based on a business risk approach is meant to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve the overall information security preparedness. Plaudit can offer services relating to the management system including evolving organizational structure, policies, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures and resources which can help organizations to design and build the ISMS to effectively manage and improve the information security posture.

Plaudit can assist organizations to develop risk management framework which is based on various standards but are simple enough to be accepted and implemented by the business and can also assist organizations to link compliance requirements with the risk treatment options to build an integrated risk and compliance framework.  These integrated frameworks will empower organizations to make risk-based control decisions, providing the required business assurance.

Plaudit can also undertake Risk assessment process to ensure that organizational controls are properly implemented to address every risk. We at Plaudit can provide a comprehensive Risk assessment service associated with risks in operations and business towards managing security in a more practical and appropriate manner.

Plaudit can also assist in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) facilitating organizations to explore advanced planning and preparations necessary to identify the probability and impact of potential disasters and resultant loss, formulate and implement viable recovery plans that ensure continuity of business operations and also evolve and implement a comprehensive training, testing and maintenance program.