Organisational processes and the technologies driving them, in turn, are based upon industry best standards in operations, quality, service delivery, risk management etc. Often, in a practical business domain, there is bound to be a gap between the ideal standards and the actual scenario. Plaudit can facilitate to ensure that the gaps between the operational processes and established standards are well identified, defined and acted upon in a timely manner for ensuring safe and secure computing environment and also maintain continuity of operations and growth of organisational business.

The implementation of best practices and standards in information security facilitate organizations in streamlining their internal processes and technologies. The whole idea is to focus on safeguarding organizational assets, continuity of operations, operational efficiency and consequently the overall business acumen. Plaudit can take up assessment of the gaps and weaknesses in the ongoing processes and ascertain whether the technical configurations and operations are well-identified and acted upon in a timely manner. By conducting focused Information Security and Technical Audits it can be ensured that an organization is immune to various known threats and vulnerabilities as these audits are conducted by taking various standards and best practices as benchmarks. The organization can thus achieve the goal of achieving comprehensive information security preparedness easily by following the applicable standards and best practices.

Plaudit also take up pre-certification audits as a high level evaluation to ascertain where an organization stands as far as compliance with specific standards (ISO 27001:2005, BS 25999) is concerned, before subjecting to the main certification audit. The audits will review how an organization's current practices compare to the relevant certification requirements. The non-conformities can be identified and corrective actions can be chosen and implemented prior to the certification process.

Plaudit can also take up audits based on various regulatory requirements thereby helping organisations in complying with such mandatory regulations. Compliance Audit also assists in improving the existing processes and also to keep them current with ever-evolving and improving global standards as well as compliance with statutory regulations etc.

Plaudit can also help organizations to put in place an effective methodology to help organizations across verticals to address the gaps and improve the processes and standards.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is focused on the organisation's Mission Critical Activities (MCA), their dependencies, single points of failure taking into account the time sensitivity of each disruption or interruption or loss. The key to successful BIA is the realization that it is essential for the business in identifying what is critical for its continuance and implementing the same. BIA is the basis on which all business continuity management exercise is based and the methodologies adopted by Plaudit can assess the business impacts and their effects on the organization and its business from operational disruptions and the resultant losses and implications.