Organisational processes and the technologies driving them, in turn are derived from / based upon industry best standards and operations, quality, service delivery, risk management. Often, in a practical business domain, there will generally be a gap between the ideal standards and the actual scenario.


Plaudit can facilitate to ensure that the gaps between the operational processes and established standards are well identified, defined and acted upon in a timely manner for ensuring safe and secure computing environment and also maintain continuity of operations and growth of organisational business.

Plaudit can conduct audits based on various regulatory requirements thereby helping organisations in complying with such mandatory regulations. Compliance Audit also assists in improving the existing processes and also to keep them current with ever-evolving and improving global standards as well as compliance with statutory regulations etc.

Typical benefits accruing to an organization as a result of compliance audit are a dherence to the established standards, improvement of internal processes and technologies, maintenance of Certifications, adherence to governmental regulations etc.


Plaudit can put in place an effective methodology to help organizations across verticals to address the gaps and improve the processes and standards. A detailed report on compliance, gaps identified and a roadmap for improvement can also be provided.

Ongoing Support

We at Plaudit can assist in implementing corrective actions in closing the gaps and also guide in amending the existing processes to achieve the business goals and organizational objectives.