Widespread technology induction has been a hallmark feature of most business domains. True benefits of technology Induction can be derived only if there is a perceivable advantage accrued by way of simplification of processes, enhanced speed of operations, increased Return on Investment [RoI], capability to handle larger business volumes, faster roll-outs, to name a few.


The fact however, remains that unless the processes replaced by technology induction are reviewed and appropriate changes are brought about at various critical points, it is going to be a futile exercise and the desired benefits may not be possibly derived. An appropriate BPR exercise would contribute positively to simplification of work processes, imparting flexible, faster and easier handling of operations apart from contributing to all organizational goals and objectives including a positive impact on the bottom-line.


Plaudit can help the study the business processes vis a vis the technologies adopted, provide invaluable inputs and observations which will not only transform the way technology-based business is conducted but also facilitate in deriving the maximum business benefits from automation. The comprehensive report process-based holistically or individually can serve as a guiding process flow document in the computerized environment which will go a long way in achieving the business goals and objectives.

Ongoing Support

BPR exercise can be conducted as and when new products, services, processes, delivery channels, work-flows etc. are planned to be automated so that redundancies, duplications, repetitions can be minimized and the work-flows can be rendered seamlessly faster and business-oriented.