Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) constitute advanced planning and preparations necessary to identify the impact of potential loss, formulate and implement viable recovery plans that ensure continuity of business operations and evolve and implement a comprehensive training, testing and maintenance program.


In organizational business operations, many events or contingencies could arise which would prove to be extremely difficult for organizations to survive and ensure continuity of operations seamlessly. It is in this background the need for a proper Business Impact Analysis and a Business Continuity Plan to prevent disruption of mission-critical services is extremely important. Regardless of the type or severity of business interruptions, Plaudit can help organizations to plan to ensure that their customers are able to receive the required services and the organizations are able to continuously meet their goals and objectives.


The deliverables will include development of business continuity strategies, conducting cost-benefit analysis of these strategies and selection of best suitable business continuity strategy, creation of a Business Continuity Plan Manual, testing of the Business continuity plan to ascertain its suitability to the organization and to facilitate acceptance of the plan across the organization.

The assignment will also facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements, enhancing organization's ability to reduce financial losses, loss of business share, damages, or disruption to service delivery in the event of a business interruption.